Personal Data Privacy Policy

In compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), The Drawing Room will respect an individual’s privacy. Any personal information will only be used for general business communications related to our services, be kept securely and never sold to a third party. Any information will only be used for the business contact purpose it was supplied for and stored for the minimum period necessary.

Anti virus software is installed on computers. Computers and backup hard drives are protected by passwords to activate. Computers are logged out or shut down when left unattended.   

We only contact individuals by email in reply to an enquiry from them, or in connection with existing or previous work we have been commissioned for, or for services we require from a sub contractor or supplier. We will not undertake email marketing without consent from potential recipients. If we contact prospective customers to offer our design services under the condition of legitimate interest, we will provide an Opt out option. Emails are reviewed regularly and deleted as necessary. Emails over 2 years old will be deleted unless it is relevant to retain them.

Computer backup copies
Backup hard drives require a password to activate file sharing/transmission. At present we do not use remote or ‘cloud’ storage, although large files may be transmitted via a secure transmission service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Speculative job applications
Occasionally individuals send speculative job applications containing personal information. Emails will be deleted and hard copies shredded immediately after a reply has been sent, informing the individual of our action.

Photographs, quotations and testimonials
The client is responsible to obtain consent from any identifiable person in photographs supplied to The Drawing Room for publication (online or hard copies). The client is responsible to obtain consent from the author of any credited quotations or testimonials supplied to The Drawing Room for publication (online or hard copies).

It is the responsibility of clients to obtain copyright permission to use any photography, artwork, designs, logo etc. that they provide to The Drawing Room for use.

Employee personal computer use
Employees will only use work computers for work related to our design business to prevent possible contamination of the computer from outside sources.

The same care will be taken as above when working from home.

Employee privacy
Is not applicable.

Hard copy records
Paper notes and copies connected to a project, will be shredded (if confidential information) or recycled after the completion of the job. 

Individual’s rights
An individual may apply to The Drawing Room to find out what information is held on them, to rectify, or erase.